Aeropress Brewing Guide

The AeroPress is a one of those devices you assume has been around for forever, but was only invented in 2005! Invented by Stanford professor and Aerobie president Allan Adler, this little plastic piece of engineering that looks like an oversized syringe might just be your perfect solution for making coffee while out in the wild.


Aeropress Coffee Press

Total Brew Time: 2:00

What will you need?


Step 1

Place your kettle on your heat source to start to heat your water. You're going to want your water to be between 185-200 degrees, the easiest way is to bring your water to a boil, and then remove from your heat source for about 60 seconds.


AeroPress Coffee Press Tools


Step 2

Here's where you'll prep your AeroPress for brewing. We'll do this by placing a filter into the basket, and rinse the filter. This helps wash away any residual paper flavor, as well as warm up the device to help your coffee taste its best.

Step 3

Grind your pre-measured coffee immediately before brewing for the best possible flavor.

Step 4

Discard the rinse water, and fix the basket with filter to the bottom of the brewing column. Place this all on top of your mug.

Step 5

If you've got a timer, start it now. Add your water, making sure you saturate all the grounds with at least some water within the first 10 seconds. Continue to pour until you reach the No. 4 on the side of your AeroPress. Give the whole thing a spin to make sure you don't have any dry pockets in your grounds.

Step 6

Place the plunger half on top, and press it in and then pull out slightly to create a vacuum and pressure seal within the brewing chamber. Wait here for about 1:30 seconds, letting the coffee, water, and pressure do their magic!

Step 7

Once your timer hits 1:30, give your whole device another spin, then slowly apply pressure on the plunger to press your coffee through the filter, capturing all your grounds. You'll stop once you hear a hissing sound, indicating that air is exiting the chamber and you're done!

Step 8

Relax and enjoy.


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