Moka Pot Brewing Guide

Sleeping outdoors doesn't mean you need to go without your coffee fix. Although there are many ways to brew a cup of adventure fuel on a mountain, in the woods, or in your campground, the Moka pot is one of our favorites because it's easy, waste-free, and honestly just looks pretty dang cool.



The Moka pot was invented way back in 1933 by the engineer Alfonso Bialetti. It works by pressing pressurized boiling water by steam through ground coffee. The Moka pot is fantastic for brewing a thick, dense pot of espresso with only the power of heat, no electricity required. Additionally, the Moka pot comes with a built-in metal filter, so no need to buy or throw away paper filters!

How much coffee will you need?

Moka Pot Coffee

6 grams


12 grams


24 grams


36 grams

12-Cup 48 grams


Step 1

Grind the appropriate amount of coffee according to the chart above on a medium-fine grind setting.

Step 2

Fill the bottom chamber of your Moka pot with water, stopping just before the pressure release valve.

Coffee grounds moka pot

Step 3

Insert the metal filter, and pour in your ground coffee. Try to level out the coffee, but be careful not to pack the coffee down, as this can cause clogging.

Step 4

Attach the top of your Moka pot, and screw on until it is secure.

Step 5

Place your Moka pot on your stovetop on medium heat. When adjusting your flame, be conscious of your Moka pot's handle, as you'll have to grab that in a few minutes!

Step 6

When your water begins to boil, you'll start to see your coffee gurgling out the top of your pot in a steady stream. If it is exploding out the top, turn down your heat. If it is barely coming through, turn your heat up. Once the top chamber is filled with hot coffee, close the lid, pour, and enjoy!


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