Outdoor Coffee Brewing Methods

Making good coffee is a life skill. Making good coffee outdoors can be more challenging but it's worth the effort, especially on your next camping trip or adventure.


outdoor coffee brewing methods 

For coffee lovers, the best part of a camping trip is waking up and preparing your coffee over an open campfire, surrounded by family or friends.

Luckily, you can make great coffee at your campsite even with minimal space and equipment. 

Below are the most common brewing methods for outdoor living. Great coffee on your next adventure doesn't have to be an out of reach luxury. 

There are four types of brewing methods:

  • Pressure - involves pushing hot water through ground coffee
  • Steeping - involves mixing hot water with ground coffee
  • Dripping - involves pouring hot water over ground coffee
  • Boiling - involves boiling water with ground coffee

We'd recommend using an easy to carry brewing device for your next trip. Popular devices include:

- the AeroPress for pressure brewing

- the Moka Pot for pressure brewing

- the French Press for steeping

- the Pour Over for dripping

- the Cowboy Coffee Pot for boiling (just like you've seen in the old Westerns)

You can bring ground coffee with you or for the freshest taste bring a manual grinder and whole coffee beans. For freshest taste and smell, grind your own coffee beans right before brewing.

Consult our brew guides for step-by-step instructions to learn how to make coffee while camping. We give you easy-to-use tips for each method and device.




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